If You Should Curse Me: a dirum

May you get just what you deserve;
may your means drive your ends;
may all your enemies disguise
themselves among your friends.

May morning bring you no new light;
may evening bring no ease;
may your each action bring no gain,
and your works fail to please.

May you discover no new ways;
may your paths come to naught;
may every plan of yours fall through,
and your bribes not stay bought.

May you believe the ones you love;
may your hopes fade to fears;
may every prayer you whisper reach
unsympathetic ears.

May you find what you truly seek;
may it not end your woes;
may you be measured and found wanting
by both friends and foes.

May you crawl on your knees to God;
may He refuse your plea;
may you live in the wretched hell
that you would wish on me.

May you survive to rue each day;
may you receive the blame;
may you regret from this day forth
if you curse my good name.

17 DEC 2012

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