Let Loose Your Weapons: a dirge

Let loose your weapons, guns and swords!
Forget your sovereign gods and lords!
The old ways must be left behind
for us to learn how to survive.

Forget rigid philosophy
that separates your me from thee,
those ancient and quite useless lies
that we think help us to survive.

Let droop your flags, your ill-placed pride!
Bring those loud cannon back inside!
The fanfare and the hoop-and-cry
are not what help us to survive.

Forget the blame, it matters not;
The time is past for vengeful plots.
Destroy your poisons, sheathe your knives,
if we would learn how to survive.

Let flow your tears! May they wash clean
those hearts that harbor the obscene,
destructive hate that will deprive
us of the longing to survive.

Forget no more! Awake from sleep!
Release compassion from the deep,
dark prison where barely alive
it waits to help us to survive.

Bury now these dead and gone,
who made no evil, did no wrong
by any yardstick we’d contrive
to prove we deserve to survive.

Let us away! There is no time
to waste debating this foul crime.
Let us denounce it, and then strive
to learn together to survive.

14 DEC 2012

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