Does anyone remember that Beatles song (penned by Lennon), The Word – I think it was on Rubber Soul … it went “Say the word, and be like me, say the word, and you’ll be free, say the word I’m thinking of, and you know the word is love …” and so on? I was just thinking about writing that kind of hook into a song, you know, the repetitive beginning and ending line (each verse begins with the same phrase, and each chorus ends with those same words, which of course is one of the standard Irish bardic patterns, although I’m not sure that John Lennon knew that explicitly – some things make their way into pop culture on the sly, despite all the established discouragement)…

Anyway, I came up with this new lyric to match that sort of pattern.

I’ve got time to let the good things come as they will
I’ve got time to listen to the fool on the hill
I’ve got time to watch the empty glass start to fill
You won’t catch me trying to keep the second hand still

I’ve got time to let the grass grow under my feet
I’ve got time to taste of kisses warm and so sweet
I’ve got time to separate the chaff from the wheat
You won’t find me out in the rushed and bustling street

Used to be I was so worried and stressed
Trying to rush out and find happiness
Now I just wait and the waiting is fine
I’m in no hurry, cause I’ve got time

I’ve got time to sit and talk with lovers and friends
I’ve got time to look beyond all the latest trends
I’ve got time to see more than beginnings and ends
You won’t catch me at the last minute making amends

Used to be I was concerned with the date
Trying to make sure I wouldn’t be late
Now I just relax and things work out fine
I’m in no hurry…cause I’ve got time

I’ve got time to just enjoy what comes ’til it goes
I’ve got time to watch the river as it just flows
I’ve got time to figure out what I’ve got to know
You won’t find me out trying to race the wind as it blows

19 OCT 2002

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