Musings on Holy days: common measure

My house is not a Christian home;
I serve much older gods.
So there are times this world and I
would seem to be at odds.
I do not mean the world, per se,
the growing, greening life;
but rather, those who fill it up
and wish to create strife.

I tolerate the point of view
of those who think their path
is the sole method for success;
I shake my head, and laugh.
Their holidays I don’t observe
(which raises a few brows),
and hold my tongue while they defend
and tout their sacred cows.

But they insist that I reform
(while standing at arm’s length)
and tell me that to find true peace
I need their Saviour’s strength.
With quotes from books and lengthy quips
my ears are filled and stuffed
(which makes me wonder now and then
why once is not enough)

Among my friends, I number some
from every path and creed;
and on the average, most of them
I’d help if they had need.
But those who shun my friendship
on the basis of belief
are those who I would rather leave
to their gods for relief.

Some are surprised that I believe
in anything at all;
the basis for my way of life,
they guess is base and small.
Without a weekly term at church
(which they seem to require)
it’s hard for them to understand
how I can stay inspired,

And live in peace and harmony,
extending helping hands
where needed to lift up each other
and meet life’s demands.
I rarely bother to expound
how I engage the world,
but instead prove by actions,
not words, with my fist uncurled.

From most, there is acceptance
(well, at least, an easy truce)
and where not, my philosophy
is conflict has no use;
For we must live together,
and one’s faith is private stuff;
there is no need to make demands –
The world does that enough.

There is a happy medium;
we do share common ground.
At their core, most religious paths
are similar, I’ve found.
All I suggest is sapiens
nihil affirmat quod
non probat
. You do what you like;
I serve much older gods.

11 APR 2004

sapiens nihil affirmat quod non probat: a wise man states as true nothing he does not prove (don’t swear to anything you don’t know firsthand)

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