Maybe I’m getting all my recent Lyrics together with a view to recording the ones I like the best…here’s another one, from late last year 🙂

Everybody’s got a right to disagree with your position
Everybody’s got a vision of their own ideal condition
And sometimes it’s something you don’t understand
and things don’t turn out exactly like you planned

Everybody’s got a different take on their own situation
Everybody’s got their unique expression of sensation
And it doesn’t always make you feel all right
or it keeps you up all hours of the night

There’s a world that you can’t see
And all I really know is me and my own mind
But I’ll gladly let you in
share the places that I’ve been and what I find

Everybody’s got a way that they just like to do things
Everybody knows a secret song by heart nobody else sings
And sometimes it may not have too many words
and at certain times may sound a bit absurd

Everybody’s got their own interpretation of the seasons
Everybody’s got a different definition of good reasons
And they don’t always make that much sense to me
and it causes us to sometimes disagree

There’s a world outside my wall
and sometimes I can’t fit it all in what I know
But I’ll surely give you time
to match your edges up with mine and we’ll both grow

We’re both puzzle pieces of the same whole
We’ve both got a leading part in our own role

Everybody’s got a handle on a different plan of action
Everybody has interpretation of self satisfaction
And it’s not like they can’t both be right and wrong
and be altered if a new one comes along

Everybody’s got their own ideal of what defines perfection
Everybody’s got to make an individual connection
And it’s not like it won’t happen anytime
or be quite the road you thought that you might find

There’s a world where can stand,
Co-exist in land that’s undivided
And we’ll gladly meet as friends
You just have to tell me when you’ve decided

Because you’re invited.

01 NOV 2001

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