The Jam

Don’t ask me what I’m thinking
unless you want to know.
Don’t ask me where I’m headed
if you aren’t prepared to go.
Don’t tell me where I’m headed
if you’ve got no proof it’s so.
Don’t act like your great secret
is enough to stop the show.

Don’t look to me for answers
if you don’t like where I’m at.
Don’t start a conversation
unless you’re prepared to chat.
Don’t ask to come and visit
if you see no welcome mat.
Don’t act as if you know the score
and it won’t come to that.

Don’t ask me how I’m doing
if you don’t truly give a damn.
Don’t tell me where I’m at
until you’ve figured who I am.
Don’t act so smug and confident
if you’re still on the lam.
Don’t wiggle like the jelly
if you’re only just the jam.

4 JUN 2015

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