Seeds of Revolution

Here’s a song I wrote earlier this year that I particularly like – it seems to fit into my current frame of mind 🙂

You thought you’d just take a look, find it in forbidden books
And when the old foundation shook you’d learn
Maybe secrets you would find unlock the power of your mind
and change the fate of all mankind in turn
But the seeds of revolution don’t just grow
You can’t wave your hand imagining it is so

You made it a test of will now the abyss is waiting still
And adding your life doesn’t fill it in
Maybe on the other side somewhere beyond greed and pride
The path is there, you must decide, begin
For the seeds of revolution must be sown
If want to call the thoughts you have your own

You imagine worlds of light where truth and lies are black and white
And with the gift of second sight you’ll rule
Maybe change the universe, make it sane or even worse
behind ambition madness lurks, and fools
For the seeds of revolution are within
And there isn’t any prize to lose or win

In the grasp of your desire
Can you see the way is not to just have what you want
It’s about love, and being part of everything
As your passion burns with fire

Can you see that things are only here and then they’re gone
The wheel is song, and you need only start to sing
You thought in a grain of sand hidden was the master plan
And finding it, alone you’d stand and know

Maybe teach the world to grow based on your informed say so
And change the very way the river flows
But the seeds of revolution are in your mind
And the harvest isn’t something you can find
And the seeds of revolution cannot grow
If you don’t release their power, let them go

For the seeds of revolution are in you
And the flower find its roots in what you do.

14 JAN 2002

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