Can This Thing Fly?: septenary stanzas

It’s doubtful that democracy’s dense doyens can reclaim
the country’s core without creating more sorrow and shame,
to count coup on the status quo, entrenched in apathy,
seems like the wisest way to go, at least it looks to me.

The Left Wing’s fawning satyrs spawn their imbecilic imps
who feign as fiends for filibuster, but are worthless wimps,
while on the Right, cropped high and tight, the fascists frolic on
investing in the right of kings and trampling the pawns,

and in the Middle’s mild morass, the muck is made and sold
that so entrenches everyone, they just do as they’re told.
The nation’s fate is fixed, with fools all wrestling at the wheel;
Smart money might just scan the hand, and demand a redeal.

13 APR 2004

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