She Saved Me: brag

If she don’t know it, it ain’t worth knowing;
all my good ideas, she had when she was still growing;
the movie of my life, she saw the preview showing;
she was up winning my race before I started rowing.

If she ain’t there, there ain’t no sense in going;
she was swimming upstream before the current was flowing;
there was no wind in my sails until she started blowing;
and no light in my darkness before she was glowing.

If she can’t tell it, it ain’t worth hearing;
I was afraid of the dark until she cured my fearing,
and wandered lost in the woods until she made a clearing,
in the middle of nowhere until she was nearing.

If she ain’t it, then there ain’t nothing to it;
until she gave me a chance, you know I just blew it;
I had no good ideas until she said she knew it;
and without her there’s no chance I’d ever get through it.

If she don’t speak, I don’t hear nothing;
until she blesses my cards, the best I’ll do is bluffing;
without her smooth and soft, the best I’ll do is roughing;
’cause I’m an empty shell unless she adds the stuffing.

If she don’t know it, it ain’t worth thinking;
unless she’s clears it up, it’s muddy water I’m drinking;
she’s got the only key to my chains that keep clinking;
if she don’t come onboard, my ship is already sinking.

23 JAN 2017

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