Greater than the whole

They’re not so often obvious,
the most important things;
in nuance lies the heart of life,
the rhythm that persists
despite the grandiose and wild
that receive all the press.
The understated subtlety
remains the truest test.

What difference does each moment make?
Not much, when set apart.
When you add them together,
you find out how greatness starts:
a simple grin, a stolen wink,
a seeming cast-off line;
almost unnoticed as the noise
from others rushes in.

Each plays their part in miniscule,
a section of the whole,
and seldom wanders out beyond
the confines of their role;
and yet, each is integral
to the thing that they comprise.
In that, too, is a greatness
beyond measure, in disguise.

16 SEP 2011

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