Overslept: an amphigory

Well, fiddle-dee and what’s the stuff
of which I have had quite enough:
the spring’s been spring, the fall has fell,
the echo’s back from wishing’s well.
    Oh well a dell a dill a day
    Quite overdrawn, and hell’s to pay.

Well, riddle me and jump the gun,
who’s loaded, and who’s set to run
along the lane despite the pain
of up and sleep and up again?
   Oh gee a fill a dill a dee
   Who’s overslept the night with me?

Well, rumble tumble grimp and gyre,
one spins and spins, and then retires
to whence the winging whimper wrings
and takes its place with other things.
    Oh pish a dish a dilly damn
    You is, you was, you were, you am.

07 NOV 2010

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