What fools would try to wrest a nation’s fate

What fools would try to wrest a nation’s fate
from tyranny imposed by those with wealth
who presuppose as theirs the right to rule
because none dare to meet them face-to-face,
who in religion’s name defy what gods
they claim to be the basis for their faith,
who with one hand extend a palm of peace
while with the other wield a bloody sword,
whose honeyed lips are smeared with coward’s lies
that use base fears to turn opinion’s tide,
who, like a playground bully, seek to shame
and paint as traitors those who harbor doubt,
who would eliminate honest debate,
denouncing it as indecision’s tool,
who, having power, use it to improve
their own lot first, the ends worth any means,
who in the name of freedom, would oppress
the rights of those upon which their wealth feeds,
who would manipulate the public weal,
despite its better interests, to their goals?

Our founding fathers, probably. Despite their human failings.

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