If just one word I write or say,
some thought I manage to convey
in describing my frame of mind
or experience in this life
touches even one other mind
then I have truly accomplished
what I set out trying to do.

I write to be of creation
when the entire world is distilled,
cast in a single space in time;
to be consumed, not by those who
peruse to say they are well-read,
nor by those who desire to find
in my words some explanation

(of my life, the world, our purpose),
but by seekers who in being
themselves, look for others’ musings
that echo their own conjectures.
My intent? To identify these striving individuals,
not by recognizing that look

in their eyes, or their reaction
to anything I may have said.
These are indeed my true brethren,
who realize that not knowing
is only just the beginning
of who we actually are.

The rest is in the finding out.

16 MAR 2004

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