Daily Archives: April 11, 2003

The Bird in the Hand

If you can release what is your grasp
letting those cramped fingers stretch out and loose,
while strained muscles relax in a soft gasp
after long years of negligent misuse,

and just watch contented as what you thought
so essential to your old sense of self,
those safe and predictable treasures bought
with coin bearing the face of someone else,

now rise with the breeze and fly from your view,
leaving only a faint smell of feather
in the moist crevasse of your empty hand
that evaporates like the morning dew,
in that moment you, too, are untethered
from the painful need to misunderstand.

11 APR 2003

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Sign of the Times?

Maybe it’s just me, but a bumper sticker this morning bothered me (I know, I know, such a little thing to get rattled over). It was on the rear bumper of an SUV belonging to a teacher at my daughter’s school (BTW, the #1 rated high school in the state, and the ONLY public school in the entire Orleans parish to be rated ABOVE unacceptable by state and federal education standards). You think you may something about New Orleans, and Louisiana, but here’s something else … rampant corruption (and more indicted former elected officials than almost anywhere else), miserable education (third from the bottom in the US), roads that will take your tires out with their unevenness and potholes, some of the worst projects in the US, industry 80% gambling and tourism combined with military bases, less than 10% of the population college educated, David Duke, West Nile virus, Napoleonic code still in place next to US federal law, horrible trash pickup service, termite infestations, locusts, rats, some of the highest violent crime and murder statistics in the world, oh, the list goes on …

The bumper sticker read…

LOUISIANA: Third world and proud of it

What exactly does that mean to you?

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