No New Texas

I had a dream our president
(a former Texas resident)
unleashed an unseen precedent
and canceled his world war.

Although it was much criticized,
he woke one day and realized
that bombs exploding in the skies
were not what he stood for.

His views become benevolent,
his policies more relevant
and funds for war were raised and spent
empowering the poor.

And all the world cheered when he spoke,
and ceased to call his reign a joke
(and on TV, he had a toke,
not lying anymore).

He made friends of our enemies
and sought not profits overseas,
and listened to our humble pleas
against destruction’s roar.

Perhaps it was a crazy dream,
that he would be instead of seem,
and cease to chase disaster’s gleam
and study war no more.

But I’d rather imagine it,
than deal with all his real bullshit
(because I know he’ll never quit
until he goes to war)

And many good lives will be lost,
while simple folk pay for the cost
and the bill of rights gets tossed
and trampled on the floor.

There ought to be a law ag’in
such simple-minded, foolish men
who think a war involves a win
and sit there, keeping score

But so long as we praise great might,
our leaders will assume it’s right,
and send our poor boys off to fight
another stupid war.

14 FEB 2003

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