Polar Extremes

To say that the pendulum swings too far,
and spends too much time stalled at either end
(having somehow got stuck, its bearings fouled),
leaving great holes of time where reality

is distorted, and the continuum
of the necessary and the sublime
seems to be warped and far out of balance,
hanging at the frayed end of a tensed line,

is putting too fine a point on the thing.
In those vast stretches of space when the weight
passes (so rapidly) from black to white
it is that the grey escapes one’s notice.

While in that seeming free fall, gravity
does not exist. And then it bounces back.

29 JAN 2003

One of my favorite Robert Service poems describes perfectly the state of ADD. It’s called The Men That Don’t Fit In. After reading the bio of one of my new friends, Live Journal user ohsister, who stated that the word bi-polar was too limiting, I thought I’d write a poem that speaks to some of the issues for those of us who are manic-depressive, bi-polar or otherwise challenged by the presence of both sides of the Tao while sometimes losing sight of the whole…

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