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Not So Empty

Emptiness is form; nothing has nothing in it, like air in a jar. Saying the jar owns that air is a foolish way to think.

Form is emptiness; nothing has something to it that is not alone. Thinking one jar’s empty space stops at its rim is silly.

16 JUN 2024

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Time knows no season; Spring doesn’t turn to Summer in just one moment. The now is all that exists. You cannot measure its span.

Life did not begin; it is always here and now. It is infinite. Before you take the next breath, let your lungs taste it. 

13 JUN 2024

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Who is just sitting?
It is not me, or is it,
here on the cushion.
Who is asking the question?
Nobody really knows that.

13 JUN 2024

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This Moment of Now

In a moment’s span
life expands to fill the void;
a flower blooming
is a gentle breath of air:
earth and sky come together.

04 JUN 2024

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Rainbows and sunshine: tanka

This note may be dark,
but it reflects the weather.
Besides, too much light
fades color from everything.
What a gray world that would make!

Rainbows and sunshine
do not help the whole world grow.
There must be dark storms
to fuel life at its deep roots,
build jungles out of deserts.

Seeing only good
is merely self-hypnosis;
dark and light exist
in equal measure out there.
Why persist out of balance?

05 JUN 2017

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You Could Change: tanka

You could change the world
if just given half a chance;
why are you waiting?
It really doesn’t matter
once the moment’s gone away.

You could move mountains
if just sincerely inspired;
what more do you need?
It doesn’t really mean much
to speak loudly but not act.

You could light the way
if these clouds would only clear;
how is that helpful?
When the darkness has dissolved,
no one needs a raging fire.

You could change the world
in an instant, with a word;
why not start speaking?
You might as well say nothing
if no one will ever hear.

11 APR 2013

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