The Wren (Drui-En)

The Wren (Drui-En)We barely see him there against the leaf,
a tiny nondescript and timid soul,
but suddenly quite to our disbelief,
he calls upon the magic he controls.

With cunning and a wealth of secret lore,
that shatter our illusions of the grand,
he hides there on the shadowed forest floor
to show to us the Goddess and her plan.

His subtle ways teach us that the whole truth
in gentle, humble ways is oft revealed,
and offers in his simple song the proof
that wisdom may be easily concealed.

The smallest bird but he who holds the throne,
the wren reveals the sacred heart alone.

from “Druid Animal Sonnets”
Copyright OCT 2001 John Litzenberg
“Druid Animal Oracle” by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm
Wren painting by Bill Worthington

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