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Remove me from your mailing list:
that one that keeps me well-informed
of all the wrongs done in the world;
I either should already know
these things, if I would give a damn,
and having lived quite long enough
in search of any kind of truth
could not have helped discovering some.

Because what’s wrong is plain enough;
it needs no leading story type,
no eloquent reformer’s tongue
to wrap its fact in velvet lines.
The simplest fool could vouch for that;
only an educated mind,
that learns pretending as an art
and would deliberately insist,
“There is no wrong”
could fail to see it.

Remove me from your mailing list.
The world is full enough of woe;
to think that learning its extent
will change those who react, is mad.
It’s just a question of degree:
if I accept the little wrongs
that seek me out in my small life,
and would not fight injustice there,
what use is giving me a cause
out in the world to rail against?

Because what’s wrong is plain enough:
and either I already know
the depths to which the evil runs,
by simply being in its path,
or else I am a part of it
that being silent, gives consent,
and profits as it does the things
you would note in your mailing list.

16 JUL 2007

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