Love is Enough

Back in December of 1991, Aaron Flinn and I were attending Berklee College of Music. We co-wrote this song as both a tribute to our main inspiration (the Beatles), and also to reflect our own vision of the world as it could be. I wrote the lyrics, and Aaron and I wrote the music.

Have you looked around today?
Have you anything to say?
Everybody’s searching but they just cannot be found
Everybody’s speaking but I cannot hear a sound

What is what it’s all about?
What is there to figure out?
Everybody’s looking but they haven’t searched within
Everybody’s running but they don’t know where they’ve been

I have climbed the mountain and come down the other side
Nothing you can do or know can counteract the tide
We have got the answer but we’re all still mystified
When all that really matters is you try

Love is enough for everyone.

Have you heard the wind today (blowing through your mind)?
Have you found a song to play? Search and you will find…
Everybody’s singing but they haven’t found the tune
Everybody’s worried about coming in too soon

What is there to sing about? Sunshine, sunshine…
What is causing you to doubt? People, people all around…
Everybody’s running after someone else’s claim
Everybody’s different and that’s why we’re all the same.

I can see eternity inside the children’s eyes
Nothing you can say or feel can help us when we cry
We can hold the universe inside a little smile
And all that really matters is you try

Love is enough (love is enough) for everyone.

Have you heard a thing I’ve said (love…love)?
Have you thoughts within your head?
Everybody’s talking but we haven’t said a word
Everybody’s brilliant but we’re all a bit absurd

I have heard the voices in the cosmic lullaby
Nothing you can be or do can stop the question why
We can find the answer in our hearts before we die
Well, all you’ve really got to do is try.

Love is enough (love is enough) for everyone.

For you and me and I and thee
And he and she and they and we
For every b and g
And all the fishes in the sea
For everyone who can’t agree
And all the people on their knees
For all the mountains and the breeze
And all the flowers and trees
For those that dream of harmony
And each and everything thing that breathes
For every single solitary blessed one of these that still believes
The truth will set you free.

Love is enough (love is enough) for everyone.


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