Coming Down

Winding down the dreary days that led me to this place
Powers of suggestion leaving echoes on my face
Lost in the sound of howling engines revved up for the race
Standing on some lonesome corner trying to plead my case

So many circles of color and sound
Between the sky and this place on the ground
So little time to spend looking around
Catching the moments I’ve found
Coming down

Tripping through the troubled times that make up this charade
Hours of reflection spent on mirrors now unmade
Lost in the flash of fickle freedom hidden in the shade
Standing on some lonesome corner watching the parade

So many circles that echo with sound
Trying to fly with my feet on the ground
On the horizon and looking around
Catching the insights I’ve found
Coming down

Stumbling over silent stones that lay there on my path
Symbols of some separation between what has passed
Lost in time’s tumult and triumph, things not built to last
Standing on some lonesome corner I just have to laugh

So many circles resplendent with sound
Filling the space between me and the ground
So many moments spent looking around
For all the good things I’ve found
Coming down

16 SEP 2003

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