Questions of Love

Call it bad timing, a season of doubt
Days turn to months while you figure it out
Some expectations are better as dreams
Reality’s never as clear as it seems

Call it poor judgement from weak evidence
You’ll find a witness for any defense
Motives and motions get twisted and skewed
So much depends on your own attitude

Call it misfortune, with payment in kind
We each spent most of what coin we could find
Payment and purchase both steps in the dance
That zero balance is not there by chance

Call it unlucky, but what’s in a name
Mere circumstances aren’t solely to blame
Actions, reactions, and the science thereof
Fall by the wayside in questions of love

Call it a wrong move that both of us made
Now the dealing is over, the cards have been played
Rules can be broken, despots overthrown
But sometimes it’s better to leave them, alone

Call it a breakdown, a cross in the wire
Each of us honest, and each one a liar
Friendship and folly are split by a hair
I’m here on this side, and you’re over there

Call it unlucky, but that’s just a word
Raking these ashes seems a bit absurd
It’s all semantic, when push comes to shove
There are no quick answers in questions of love.

10 SEP 2003

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