Fahrenheit 451

Sitting here talking ’bout the government,
divvying up all the blame:
easy to say it’s the fault of the president
when you see them all the same.

I’ve a got a finger to point and complain.
Sometimes, my fist shakes in anger;
seems like that’s such a familiar refrain.
It keeps us at odds and such strangers.

Desperate times call for difficult measures:
keeping your balance on a tight wire.
Hard to stay dry in such inclement weather;
better stand close to the fire.

Sitting here watching the things on the news,
wondering at such insanity.
Easy to think your superior views
protect you, by stroking your vanity.

I’ve got a notion the world needs to change.
Sometimes, when I look in the mirror,
seems that the eyes that look back are so strange;
they don’t help me see any clearer.

Desperate times call for desperate measures;
It’s hard to stay clean of the mire.
Try to make sure you don’t lose what you treasure
standing too close to the fire.

I think that I know that I see what there is to do.
Funny, but sometimes I think I know better than you.
There are no answers without a hard question or two;
I think that I know but I know I haven’t a clue.

Desperate times call for difficult measures:
weighing the odds and doing what’s required.
Hard to stay cool when madmen are untethered
and you’re standing too close to the fire.

05 SEP 2003

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