Homeschooling, Part 2

Before you take your child’s education into your own hands
think about what you are qualified to teach,
and what formal education rarely provides textbooks on:

tolerance of the intolerant
equality before the law
appreciation for the little things
rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s
listening to both sides
the importance of being earnest
how easily trust is broken
the value of a dollar
making up your own mind
following your bliss
aging and death as a natural part of life
seeking your own level
standing up for what is right
looking out for the little guy
that the real world is not me-o-centric
the intrinsic value of human life
the intrinsic value of all life
truth is a pathless land
just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should
being sorry for doing a bad thing, not just for getting caught
figuring out where you’re headed before deciding who should go with you
one voice, one vote
every spiritual path has at least one grain of truth in it
a beach is made of millions of grains of sand
money really doesn’t buy happiness
want what you have is better than have what you want
nobody lives your life but you
finger-pointing and name-calling never fix anything
symptoms come from causes
you are responsible for everything you do
nobody gets something for nothing
even free love has a price most people are unwilling to pay
people die
people have sex
people steal, cheat, lie, pander, manipulate and coerce
people don’t have to do those things
sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
a smile takes less muscles than a frown
life is what you make it
revolution starts within
you choose your life, your battles, your goals, your enemies
a calm sea produces no great mariners
there really is not an easy way
you can’t hate for peace
every person matters
the ends never justify the means
you might even get in reading, writing and some math and science.

19 AUG 2003

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