Homeschooling, Part 1

Every young child is home schooled.

You are teaching your children something:
watching TV reality, escaping in drink,
cheating on your taxes, refusing to think for yourself,
letting the little things get you down,
not leaving a tip for a good waiter,
tearing up a parking ticket,
forgetting to vote because the weather is bad,
paying more for entertainment than education,
using a false address to get them in a better school,
not saying thank you for small favors,
cooking only with the microwave,
looking for love in all the wrong places,
never reading a book unless you have to,
replacing things before they wear out,
keeping up with the Joneses,
dressing to impress,
keeping a sweet thing on the side,
breaking the speed limit,
holding grudges,
looking for somebody else to do the dirty work,
not saying a word against the war,
taking somebody else’s word as the gospel truth,
putting your personal gain above the common good,
talking trash about your neighbors,
turning right on red when the sign says not to,
building stronger walls instead of bridges,
listening to music that offers no solutions,
poisoning the earth,
not forgiving those who’ve done you wrong,
letting someone else do your lawn,
perpetuating stereotypes,
trying to get something for nothing,
not taking personal responsibility for your actions,
letting someone else take the heat,
jumping off that bridge ’cause somebody else did it,
blaming the government
for a poor education.

19 AUG 2003

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