Daily Archives: July 10, 2003

Finding the Ocean

I have lingered long by the endless shore,
voice lost to the surf, that infinite shift
that pulls itself from the littered ocean floor
and upon which my thoughts float free and drift;

for many years I saw only the edge
of it, against the long horizon’s line,
and heard, in the haunting seagull’s solfege
a wistful song that sounded much like mine.

I could construct a raft, I thought, and tack
against the wind and storm, to other shores;
perhaps there I would find what here I lack –
a quiet port that the busy world ignores.

But now, upon the distant coast, I see
A figure in the wind that looks like me.

10 JUL 2003

SEED THOUGHT: On Existence

Existence is a sea; man’s speech its shore;
Letters its oyster-shells, pearls of the heart’s wisdom.
With every wave a thousand pearls of price
Scattered around, of knowledge, of imagery,
New facts to grasp, conclusions fresh to draw,
A thousand waves with every breath arise,
No less is in one drop than in them all.
Wisdom, existence, doth that sea contain;
Its outward envelope is speech and sound.
Here understanding halts; and more,
Save in a parable, may not be given.
— from The Secret Garden, Mahmud Shabistari, 13th Century Persian sage