Daily Archives: March 9, 2003

The Writing Life

For the bi-polar artist the two modes
are work and sleep versus work without sleep;
sometimes, a creative thought explodes
in a big bang, and other times, it creeps

up and catches you there quite by surprise.
Each mode has both a good side and a bad –
after a night with the muse your tired eyes
ache, and your thoughts careen and twist like mad;

while slower epiphanies will get lost
in the confusion of the everyday.
Of course, the plan with sleep keeps you stronger

and ultimately has a lower cost;
you have to manage how much you can pay
with care – so the candle will last longer.

09 MAR 2003

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for LJ user ravengirl

Most people rise in organizations
through political postures and moving
up slowly, not causing much sensation.
They never reach the top roost by proving

their superiors wrong, or by doing
too much of anything except smiling
and just pretending not to be screwing
things up. This load of bullshit keeps piling

under them until they are running things.
Do not get me wrong, some do know their stuff
and are truly a joy to work under;

but usually, their incompetence brings
more work to your desk. It can be so tough
biting your tongue and staring in wonder.

09 MAR 2003

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Job Fulfillment

When I worked for my dad, he used to say
that a paycheck was its own incentive;
well, I guess one can look at it that way,
but I prefer something more inventive.

Sure, I like what I do enough at times
to work extra hours and not complain;
but my sense of great inequity climbs
and I find dealing with others a pain.

Fulfilled? I suppose. There’s cash in the bank,
some bright business cards displaying my name,
and occasional bits of gratitude.

But don’t expect me to profusely thank
you for trifles; work is work, just the same,
at times rewarding – that’s my attitude.

09 MAR 2003

for LJ user draggingmuppets

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Discontinued Specials

Through no fault of my own (bad lines of code,
or an LJ glitch beyond my control)
you fast assumed that I purposely showed
you the door, reduced your once leading role

to a bit player, just another friend.
But my dear bean, that is just not the case;
no matter much I may tease and pretend
that my life is not lit up by your face,

or refer to you as the great McGrew,
the queen of idle deedling and such,
please, please remember this one simple thing:

I have not ever loved like I love you.
There is nothing else that means quite so much
as the great magic to my life you bring.

09 MAR 2003

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