Daily Archives: March 1, 2003

Breaking Silence

It takes but a moment of deliberate breath,
a fleeting few seconds of intentional movement,
and the fragile cocoon of this world is shattered,
its tiny fragments of coherency thrown out

into a wild, mad self-righteous cacophony
of filled-in spaces that constant, reverberates
right through the still marrow of your inner being,
wretching the blissful absence of sound from your ears,

taking your carefully balanced sense of feeling
and leaving in its place, a dulling void of noise.
In that small space of time before the roar begins,
before the crystallized shards of the absolute

are pulverized by the onslaught of a whisper,
as you watch, mesmerized by your soft exhaling
(not meaning to unleash its harsh, destructive force
but still fascinated by the devastation),

if you focus on the fraction of an instant
as the entire process of creation is stopped
and the wheel is set again in new commotion,
you can hear the hidden voice of the universe.

01 MAR 2003

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On Reading Advertisements

There is a world out there in printed words
that I encounter on some occasions,
filled with notions that seem very absurd,
using the bold language of persuasion

to convince me to ignore reality
and buy into the illusions they sell,
offering options that appear to be
so great, so exciting. What they don’t tell

you is what you have to give in exchange:
suspend your logic and sense of reason,
and you too can join in the mad charade.

The thing that puzzles me, the oddest, strange
part, is the need to upgrade each season;
So that’s how lasting happiness is made.

01 MAR 2003

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