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Folly’s Promenade

What folly perpetrated in my youth,
before thoughts of mortality began
to permeate my eager thirst for truth
and close the width of my attention span,

has wrought its retribution over time
and haunts me on occasion? What old song
that lingers from that bygone, careless prime,
seems fractured now, its notes awry, gone wrong?

My karmic debt is, doubtless, still unpaid,
compounding interest daily even now.
And no one, not a saint, nor sacred cow,
will pay the bills that at my feet are laid.

There are no luck, no miracles, no chance;
the universe is more or less mirage.
If you would join the party, you must dance,
and pin the universe with your corsage.

And folly? What is that to never try?
What worse regret than acting the wallflower
for so long that the grand ball passes by
and you need not corsage, but funeral bower?

15 May 2005

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The Thread That Holds

The thread that fasts the edges of the fabric
to link the warp and woof which forms our life
is tenuous, at best – so thin and fragile.
This tapestry we take so much for granted,
whose boundaries extend to memory’s end,
is but a million of these strands and slivers.

That it remains a whole is quite surprising,
considering how little work it takes
to cause a snag, or worry loose a seam.
The pattern fades, and shows its age in places
where time and stress have worn through either side;
through these holes often come epiphanies:

it’s where the surface thins and turns transparent,
that life beyond our isolated realm
makes faint connection to our sense of known.
In those quite rare and brief enlightened moments,
true balance becomes difficult to find;
despite the danger, we must seek the edge

and look to the abyss that lies beyond,
to find within ourselves the fabric’s mending,
or pulling that loose thread, unravel all.
Because in truth, we are just as connected
(despite the separate spools from which we start)
as those fine strands of nothing in themselves;

and can together form a thing of beauty
beyond the ken of isolated minds.
If just an inch is lost, we are no more.

24 FEB 2005

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What is the sound that echoes in the ears
when all is silent and the earth, asleep,
leaves off its boisterous clamor and harangue,
its endless waves of wild, chaotic speech,
and in a mute and restful slumber dreams?

The world in such a chasm’s wake was born,
its roots entwined around a primal hush
that swallowed nothingness without a word
and cast itself out like a spider’s web
from shadow’s body into space and time.

The frequency at which that first hum sounds
destroys the fibers of its universe;
each phase an ending that begins again,
a great abyss which endlessly refills,
reverberating in ears not yet made.

Infinity is but a moment’s span
as worlds wink in and out like distant stars;
and time becomes an artificial guide,
a meaningless contrivance marking out
where one illusion borders on the next.

20 DEC 2004

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A Blessing for the Road: a benison or blessing

I’ve asked much from the universe,
expecting, like a child,
that forces outside my control,
untamed, feral and wild,

would take a hand, and mold my life
in ordered, simple ways.
Such is the expectation
of most people, when they pray.

But my petition now has changed;
I listen, more than speak,
and hope for nothing sure, except
reminders where I’m weak.

The universe can bless or curse;
to me, they are the same.
Just tests from different teachers,
with only myself to blame.

Again, I ask the universe
to contemplate my role,
and where required, make changes
that may benefit the whole.

Much more than that, I cannot ask,
nor really, do I need,
except a blessing to move at
a self-determined speed.

04 APR 2004

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The Lambda Acceleration of the Universe

You may think it a bit of lunacy,
but great minds spend a lot of time talking
of single theories, some conspiracy
that runs the universe. Some, like Hawking

claim it’s a beneficent force, with plans
like Cambridge, to only improve the world;
others propose a much more sober stance:
like seeking behind pi the oyster’s pearl.

Sometimes it seems, though, like dear old Isaac
we’re only waiting for the obvious.
Sounds like just luck, that hard apple falling –

while of our velocity we can track
just speed; the direction is devious
and fights being named a divine calling.

06 MAR 2003

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Breaking Silence

It takes but a moment of deliberate breath,
a fleeting few seconds of intentional movement,
and the fragile cocoon of this world is shattered,
its tiny fragments of coherency thrown out

into a wild, mad self-righteous cacophony
of filled-in spaces that constant, reverberates
right through the still marrow of your inner being,
wretching the blissful absence of sound from your ears,

taking your carefully balanced sense of feeling
and leaving in its place, a dulling void of noise.
In that small space of time before the roar begins,
before the crystallized shards of the absolute

are pulverized by the onslaught of a whisper,
as you watch, mesmerized by your soft exhaling
(not meaning to unleash its harsh, destructive force
but still fascinated by the devastation),

if you focus on the fraction of an instant
as the entire process of creation is stopped
and the wheel is set again in new commotion,
you can hear the hidden voice of the universe.

01 MAR 2003

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Cosmo-Significant Blues

If I could be anywhere in the big wide world
I’d want to be right where I am
I’d rather be on the outside on a natural mystic
than pretending that i don’t give a damn

not into breakdown confusion or some mad delusion
thinking I’m in control of some plan
or trying to show anybody the one grain of truth
that’s somehow separate from the rest of the sand

me and you…ain’t nothing better to do
yes it’s true…cosmo-significant blues

if i could have anything in the whole damn store
I’d want to keep everything that i own
i’d rather have just a little that means something to me
than be a get more junkie or clone
not into keep up appearances and miss the experience
thinking there’s nothing left to be shown
or trying to prove anything to the disbelievers
that prey on you when you get alone

me and you…ain’t nothing better, it’s true
the sum of two…cosmo-significant blues

there can be life ever after in the here and now
when there is more than the surface to see
there can be revolution in the smallest of thoughts
when there’s a chance you can truly be free

me and you…ain’t nothing left to get through
yes it’s true…cosmo-significant blues

if i could meet anyone in this mixed up crowd
I’d want to find out whose keeping it real
I’d rather burn with the witches who aren’t living a lie
than survive by proposing a deal

not into representation of a bad situation
thinking it’s better just not to feel
or trying to talk without walking down the road less traveled
just waiting round for the turn of the wheel

me and you…ain’t nothing better to do
yes it’s true…cosmos significant blues

me and you…ain’t nothing else that I’d choose
want those true…cosmos significant blues

07 JUL 2000

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