Daily Archives: February 22, 2003

The Right Question

An animal in a cage does not spend its time
rehashing how it got to be in that sad place,
reliving the moments from its glorious prime;
but often a puzzled look is upon its face.

Unlike man, it does not spend its time in dreams,
spinning its wheels in wasted thoughts of liberty;
it does not look upon the world and say it seems
a cursed existence, no more than a travesty.

And yet, a question stirs, a mad recurring thought,
that occupies its pacing up and down its cage;
and like its human fellow prisoners, now caught,
it looks out at the world in misery and rage.

The query that it forms is not to wonder how,
nor think about the birds that float free in the sky;
it does not ponder much beyond the here and now,
but slowly, just repeats over and over – “Why?”

22 FEB 2003

Inspired by a section of Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael

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The Blustering Wind

For two days now non-stop the rain flows,
while the world waits patient for the sun;
and still the wind against the window blows.

No one is out at parades or picture shows;
In this dreadful weather, no Mardi Gras fun.
for two days now non-stop the rain flows.

It may make flowers and plants quickly grow,
but down the streets and ‘cross the lawns it runs;
and still the wind against the window blows.

The weathermen make statements, but who knows
how long these raging squalls last, once begun;
for two now days non-stop the rain flows.

The parks and playgrounds, soaked, are forced to close,
and outdoor games the children must all shun;
and still, the wind against the window blows.

We huddle to stay warm and dry in winter clothes,
and to stay content, not lose reason;
for two days now non-stop the rain flows,
and still the wind against the window blows.

22 FEB 2003

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Charlie Bucket vs. Veruca Salt

Did you ever notice something very strange about Disney’s (OK, so maybe it’s not Disney’s, but it’s the classic one starring Gene Wilder as Wonka) version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? You know, of course, that the whole idea for getting kids to watch the movie is so that they think “I should be more like Charlie Bucket, huh…” and the world somehow becomes a better place (with equal rights for little people, too). However, it seems like most of the kids my daughter’s age (15) picked Veruca Salt as their role model rather than Charlie Bucket. Granted, it could be worse … I don’t think I could afford to feed Augustus Gloop, all of Violet’s gum-chewing would drive me crazy, and the cable bill for Mike Teevee … astronomical. But I was thinking … why Veruca? Why all of the I WANT IT NOW, and I’m so deprived and I deserve everything and you’re no good if you don’t get it for me and I shall whine and whinge and cry and cajole and beg and in general make your life a living hell if I don’t get my way?

Walt Disney has done this to us, folks. Veruca is the only child in the ENTIRE movie that gets a song-and-dance number to herself. She’s the only one who’s physically fit, not covered with dirt, and dressed to reflect any kind of fashion trend. Charlie has to sing covered with dirt, with either his mother or his grandfather. Both Violet and Augustus would have to sing with their mouths full. And Mike? He’s too wrapped up in a world that no longer exists (who plays cowboys and colored people nowadays). So Veruca it is.

Disney has made all of us parents think we should be Willie Wonka, and has given us a grain of Salt to take with that dream-tonic.

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Writing Every Day

The mind is a muscle, and not a gland
that simply filters things inward and out;
each conscious movement of a writing hand
flexes more than the arm’s tendons; No doubt

with each new thought a synapse finds action,
and the software is ready for upgrade,
while hardware, purring with satisfaction,
settles into the new groove ideas made.

Sometimes it is difficult to evolve
on such a regular schedule, however;
and the words don’t come without pain and strife.

On these days, the gears just seem to revolve
without meshing; and what seems so clever
to the hand, the mind rejects. Such is life.

22 FEB 2003

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Sleeping In

There are some that make you feel guilt and shame
about those few extra hours in your bed
on a stray Saturday morning, eyes red
after a late night and work-week; they blame

you for the world not being up to speed,
or for nothing getting done around here;
but if you want a little time to clear
away negative energy, you need

to close your ears along with your tired eyes
and hit the snooze button; the world will wait
at least that long to require your input.

Besides, it’s not like there aren’t other guys
who manic, wake at dawn to test their fate;
revved that damn high, they will soon go kaput.

22 FEB 2003

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