The Law of Three

Put something out there, it comes back threefold
(at least that’s the lesson that Wiccans are told),
but that’s not quite physics, and ain’t karma, neither,
at least as defined by most Hindu believers

For karma is action, like physics is too,
and the theory of multiples does not seem true;
it’s more like an equal return for a thing
(which has a more obvious, logical ring)

But there is also trinity in this bounceback law
(but not simply more of the same, that is flawed)
for karma is measured in three different ways,
interpreted wrongly in the Rede’s early days …

When you perform something, a good or a bad,
first, you are affected, made happy or glad,
and then, you have also revised the whole world
(because we’re connected, like oyster and pearl)

And lastly, you’ve altered the future world, too –
your reincarnations will pay what they’re due;
and your line of descendants will live with the change,
so the law of three perhaps does not seem so strange.

If you pollute a lake, you don’t have drinking water,
neither does your neighbor nor your unborn daughter;
That, my friends, is the truth behind the three –
and that is the basis of my own belief.

13 FEB 2003

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