The path I walk is not one set firm in stone;
there are no hallowed saints or holy texts,
and rarely does the practice of my faith
involve restriction of diet or act

in order to bring me back to the source.
Rather, it is a meandering way
that follows the seasons and natural
patterns, seeking for realignment

with the single thing that breathes there beneath
a thin illusion’s veil, and often hides
its simple message in such tiny things.

Love is my religion. Like any truth,
it cannot be written down and then taught;
It is learning and living the word yes.

14 JAN 2003

Seems like I’ve been in a bit of a downward spiral lately: dark themes, disjointed thoughts, cold nights and bitter winds. But it is merely one side of the coin. This afternoon I feel absolutely Whitmanesque (although he too had his megalomaniac moments and times of somber negativity).

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