A New Study on Music and Memory …

or why that stupid song gets stuck in your head…a very interesting bit of new research from Dartmouth College: Music, Memory and the Brain

In other news, we have a wonderful little (5-1/2′) Scotch Pine tree now nestled in the corner of the living room. It is filling the house with its piney good scent, and tomorrow will be festively decorated for the impeding Yule celebration. In addition, many wonderful gifties were purchased at Barnes & Noble, including a reprint of the 1865 first edition of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” … which unfortunately, I have to wait a week to peruse. Digital pictures, I am sure, will be forthcoming either here or in Starlight Dances’ journal.

a mall haiku

bustling crowded mall
filled with last minute shoppers:
retail paradise

milling, frantic souls
accumulate more receipts
and shopping bags

is it insanity
that drives them here to visit
these over-priced stores?

why did we come here?
we should have purchased stuff on-line,
and had it gift-wrapped.

in the parking lot
it is easier to breathe;
finally finished.

15 DEC 2002

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