Cosmo-Significant Blues

If I could be anywhere in the big wide world
I’d want to be right where I am
I’d rather be on the outside on a natural mystic
than pretending that i don’t give a damn

not into breakdown confusion or some mad delusion
thinking I’m in control of some plan
or trying to show anybody the one grain of truth
that’s somehow separate from the rest of the sand

me and you…ain’t nothing better to do
yes it’s true…cosmo-significant blues

if i could have anything in the whole damn store
I’d want to keep everything that i own
i’d rather have just a little that means something to me
than be a get more junkie or clone
not into keep up appearances and miss the experience
thinking there’s nothing left to be shown
or trying to prove anything to the disbelievers
that prey on you when you get alone

me and you…ain’t nothing better, it’s true
the sum of two…cosmo-significant blues

there can be life ever after in the here and now
when there is more than the surface to see
there can be revolution in the smallest of thoughts
when there’s a chance you can truly be free

me and you…ain’t nothing left to get through
yes it’s true…cosmo-significant blues

if i could meet anyone in this mixed up crowd
I’d want to find out whose keeping it real
I’d rather burn with the witches who aren’t living a lie
than survive by proposing a deal

not into representation of a bad situation
thinking it’s better just not to feel
or trying to talk without walking down the road less traveled
just waiting round for the turn of the wheel

me and you…ain’t nothing better to do
yes it’s true…cosmos significant blues

me and you…ain’t nothing else that I’d choose
want those true…cosmos significant blues

07 JUL 2000

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