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If You Should Curse Me: a dirum

May you get just what you deserve;
may your means drive your ends;
may all your enemies disguise
themselves among your friends.

May morning bring you no new light;
may evening bring no ease;
may your each action bring no gain,
and your works fail to please.

May you discover no new ways;
may your paths come to naught;
may every plan of yours fall through,
and your bribes not stay bought.

May you believe the ones you love;
may your hopes fade to fears;
may every prayer you whisper reach
unsympathetic ears.

May you find what you truly seek;
may it not end your woes;
may you be measured and found wanting
by both friends and foes.

May you crawl on your knees to God;
may He refuse your plea;
may you live in the wretched hell
that you would wish on me.

May you survive to rue each day;
may you receive the blame;
may you regret from this day forth
if you curse my good name.

17 DEC 2012

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Let Loose Your Weapons: a dirge

Let loose your weapons, guns and swords!
Forget your sovereign gods and lords!
The old ways must be left behind
for us to learn how to survive.

Forget rigid philosophy
that separates your me from thee,
those ancient and quite useless lies
that we think help us to survive.

Let droop your flags, your ill-placed pride!
Bring those loud cannon back inside!
The fanfare and the hoop-and-cry
are not what help us to survive.

Forget the blame, it matters not;
The time is past for vengeful plots.
Destroy your poisons, sheathe your knives,
if we would learn how to survive.

Let flow your tears! May they wash clean
those hearts that harbor the obscene,
destructive hate that will deprive
us of the longing to survive.

Forget no more! Awake from sleep!
Release compassion from the deep,
dark prison where barely alive
it waits to help us to survive.

Bury now these dead and gone,
who made no evil, did no wrong
by any yardstick we’d contrive
to prove we deserve to survive.

Let us away! There is no time
to waste debating this foul crime.
Let us denounce it, and then strive
to learn together to survive.

14 DEC 2012

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Don’t You Cry: a chanson

Don’t you cry, if there ain’t no happy ending.
Don’t ask why, if it’s on truth that you’re depending.
Sometimes it seems it’s just time wasted if you dream;
but keeping on dreaming, just the same.

Don’t you cry; the sun will come up tomorrow.
I wouldn’t lie; there’s more to life than sorrow.
Sometimes it feels like there’s no point in your appeal;
but keep your hand in the game.

Don’t you cry; the world won’t always hurt you.
You decide: what you need won’t desert you.
Sometimes, I know, it’s hard to just let go;
but you don’t need someone to blame.

Don’t you cry; the darkness won’t last forever.
If you try, you’ll make it a little better.
Sometimes just one can’t get it done,
but keep going just the same.

17 DEC 2010

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Better Your Dream Dies Young

Better that your dream dies young,
its promise as yet unfulfilled,
a youthful willow Juliet
to your enamored Romeo,
than that it live until old age,
when riddled through with cancer scars,
its cracked voice jaded with regret,
it makes your life a nursing home
where you both wait
to meet the grave.

Better that your dream dies young;
so you can shake your head and laugh
when those who posture, pose and preen
still with the vanity of hope
(which is religion for the young)
expound upon their charted course,
imagining the world will care.

Better that your dream dies young,
instead of sadly lingering on,
its beauty faded, spine curled in,
and what was once a lucid wit
reduced to shriveled memory.
Let it go in your youth,
while you still have enough time
to mourn, and move on.

27 NOV 2007

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Sometimes in Fits of Restless Pique

Sometimes in fits of restless pique
I lose the will to even speak;
and listening to voices lie
reduces me to tears. I cry

not for their souls in peril; no,
but for a world that makes it so
worthwhile to bend and shape the truth
this way and that, a mood to suit.

And weeping, once the phone is dead,
I sit and wonder, seeing red,
why those who have integrity
must bear the brunt of infamy

while tarred and feathered by those fools
who will not play by agreed rules,
but choose instead to twist and wreck
the facts. But then, in retrospect,

I pity anyone who must
rely on guile instead of trust
to count some coup against their foe
scoring them, one, everyone, zero.

06 DEC 2004

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