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You Came to Hear: rondeau redoubled

The music that you came to hear:
a sonic bridge that helps you cross
some gulf of time no longer near,
or spend as a mere hour’s loss,

so in the maelstrom sound’s great fosse
you find your sorrows light to bear,
your jagged rocks made soft with moss,
the music that you came to hear?

What in these tunes allays your fears,
makes sunshine from an endless dross
and with a modicum of beer
a sonic bridge that helps you cross

in mirthful, bright and shiny gloss
from disconnection, felt so clear,
to friends who share a sense of loss:
some gulf of time no longer near.

And when at last the end appears:
last call, that winging albatross
whose warning bursts the happy sphere,
you’ve suffered a mere hour’s loss

and gained a bright and shiny gloss.
Now, when the new day’s dawn appears
and there may seem no way across,
you can reflect back in the mirror
the music that you came to hear.

05 MAY 2017

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Like bits of quartz and dissolving sandstone
that slip slowly through tired and bent fingers,
the world can separate and shift, quite prone
to entropy; what energy lingers

just seems to founder, without direction,
while shreds of meaning flail into dead space,
and all hope is crushed by deep dejection
as the pieces fail to find safe places.

Spinning out beyond the realm of matter
in a maelstrom cyclone of crippling doubt,
the gentle soul seeks a haven of sense;

and sometimes, in the deafening shatter
as the pipes of peace are bruised with war’s shout,
love is the universe’s sole defense.

14 JAN 2003

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In that too brief moment when the old leaf,
released from the now hibernating branch,
finds itself adrift on an air current,
floating in limbo between sky and earth,

doubt may raise its ugly head and whisper,
urging secret fears to find their voices
and sing a mournful dirge for what once was
(now that it is dead and gone for all time).

In that span of seconds, one loses track
of the waiting earth, there below, littered
with other fallen leaves, other lost souls
who have returned to the one source of life,

feeding the dreams of the yet unborn trees
with the body of their experience.

08 JAN 2003

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