Quite Different Chains: free verse

I’m not sure
I can even write
“free verse”

Ever since I started
using specific
poetic forms,
I find
writing poems
to be read aloud;
their purpose,
if they are to be effective
when spoken,
dictates employing some kind of
at least the semblance of some

You see, even there, a sense of
emerges from what might
at first glance or gloss
appear to be just a bit
of prose.

It’s poetry, they say,
if it provides
a distillation of a thought,
an image meant to show not tell,
a conscious fight against just
words for words sake.

To agree,
or disagree,
with such a notion
is to put yourself
in one of two
opposing camps.


I’d rather set up tent
out in
the land between.

21 MAR 2017

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