Those Whom the Goddess Calls

Those whom the Goddess makes her own
She occupies, both flesh and bone;
and will remain, solid as stone,
until She leaves to take them home.

Those whom the Goddess picks remain
only so long, until the pain
of separation, soul and brain,
creates desire for home again.

Those whom the Goddess wants, she takes:
to mold and change, and sometimes break,
until the raindrop seeks the lake
and finds out there are no mistakes.

Those whom the Goddess loves, live on,
and are but for a moment gone:
before the darkness cedes to dawn,
those listening can hear their song.

Those whom the Goddess makes her own
She occupies both flesh and bone,
and shares them with us just so long
before She calls them to come home.

for Karen Kirchem

27 OCT 2015

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3 responses to “Those Whom the Goddess Calls

  1. I find this poem so eloquent and beautifully words, phrased. Thank you thank you for this beauty of words. Inspiring to me as a writer too.

  2. John Litzenberg, may I put your beautiful poem to music?

  3. Hi John, I was a friend of Karen’s, and more of Fern’s, who died 4 years ago now.
    I am so touched by your poem Those Whom the Goddess Calls. Want to put it to music. Have you.?

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