Grr the Glab-Glab

My name is Shaba Waba,
The Grr the Glab-glab man;
I learned to Grr the Glab-glab,
Although not many can.

I love to Grr the Glab-glab,
and I will tell you why
if I can’t Grr the Glab-glab
I’ll hang my head and cry.

I learned to Grr the Glab-glab
when I was just a pup;
and once I Grr the Glab-glab
it’s hard to shut me up.

I Glab-glab in the morning,
all day and through the night;
if you would Grr the Glab-glab,
you learn to do it right.

I Grr the Glab-glab daily,
at every chance I get;
I Grr at friends and neighbors,
and Glab-glab at their pets.

I Grr when someone moves me,
and Glab-glab when I dine;
at Mama and at Daddy,
and my friend Caroline.

At any sign of danger,
I Grr the Glab-glab song;
I’ll always Grr the Glab-glab,
though some may thing it’s wrong.

Now you know Grr the Glab-glab,
and surely you can see:
you must love Grr the Glab-glab
to hang around with me.

I sing out Grr the Glab-glab,
so all will understand
my name is Shaba Waba,
the Grr the Glab-glab man.

for Sondra and Shaba Z’ar

17 AUG 2013

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