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When I Was Young

When I was young I wanted a moral compass
to clearly point the way to right or wrong.
Couldn’t afford the brand new latest model;
I got one used that barely limped along.

When I was young I wanted honest answers;
more than “because” to placify a why.
Couldn’t believe the truth was never simple;
it seemed so complicated when I lied.

When I was young I fell in love in minutes;
anything almost mine became my joy.
Didn’t believe there might be something better;
whether a friend, a dog or a new toy.

When I was young I longed for a different story;
those that I read convinced me I was due.
Couldn’t escape the allure of those pages;
nothing alerted me they were not true.

When I was young, they gave me a moral compass;
told me to travel where it said was good.
Couldn’t resist the pull of other places:
well off the path, deep back in the briar and wood.

When I was young, I never found any answers;
maybe my questions were not the proper kind.
Never believed there was nothing beyond the edges:
out in the world, where everyone sails blind.

When I was young, I never thought I’d get older;
each passing year seemed like an immense surprise.
Couldn’t believe the slow and painful process:
everything grows a little while, then dies.

22 JUN 2012

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Old Song

Here’s an old song I used to play
back when I meant every word that I’d say.
Used to sing it, ’til it felt wrong;
now it’s just another tired, old song.

Here’s an old song, with worn out words:
its tune is simple, its ideas absurd.
Used to sing it almost every night;
least until I learned to sing it right.

Everything must fade away;
every color turns to gray.
Ain’t no use in hanging on:
just sixty seconds and the moment’s gone.

Here’s a new song that I just wrote;
haven’t learned it all quite note for note.
Starting singing it to pass the time;
Now it’s getting longer, line by line.

Here’s a new song to learn and sing;
a catchy number that don’t mean a thing.
Starting sharing it with all my friends;
it will go on right until it ends.

Everything must fade away;
every color turns to gray.
Ain’t no use in hanging on:
in sixty seconds’ time, your moment’s gone.

Here’s an old song I wrote just now;
hell, its age don’t matter anyhow.
Thought I’d sing it just to please myself;
ain’t no point in pleasing no one else.

Here’s an old song I used to know;
and I just wrote it a short while ago.
Used to sing it, but I just lost track;
Sent it out and it did not come back.

Everything must fade away;
every color turns to gray.
Ain’t no use in hanging on:
the moment’s over, time to move along.

20 JUN 2012

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Nothing Left to Prove

Well, I’m weary, but not tired;
I couldn’t sleep a wink.
Not hindered by my inhibitions,
so there’s no need to drink.
Don’t need much validation.
Got no small talk; what’s the point?
Just passing a few hours
in this godforsaken joint.

But, man the time is crawling:
the clock’s hands are standing still;
just minding my own business
has become a test of will.
The crowd is growing restless,
on the make or on the move.
Yes, it’s hard to make it through the night
with nothing left to prove.

Well, I’m no one, doing nothing;
that’s what I like to say.
Don’t get involved in trouble,
but it always comes my way.
Don’t mean to ruffle feathers,
but sometimes that’s how it goes;
some drunken fool approaches me,
and soon enough, implodes…

Oh, man the time is crawling;
the hours just creep by.
Just five or ten more minutes
to construct an alibi.
The colored lights are spinning;
someone’s stepping on my shoes.
It’s hard to make it through the night
with nothing left to prove.

It really doesn’t matter anyway;
the worst thing ’bout membership here
is the dues you have to pay.

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