Working on a Building

You are what you are because of your past daily habits. Day by day you must make or
break your body. You either build it up or tear it down. –
Angelo Siciliano (Charles Atlas)

The way we live our lives is not one choice

that made, concludes the match or casts the die

beyond a moment’s span or single day.

Like a deep breath once taken, it expires

and needs to be renewed, or else will fail;

and like that ring inscribed “this too shall pass”

that brought a sense of balance to a king:

when happy, knowing there was coming sad,

while in great sadness, finding seeds of joy,

so the decision that we make each day

to sow new life (or increment our death,

as Henry Miller put it so damn well)

determines who we are – not for all time,

but for each precious second of our lives.

07 AUG 2009

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