Super 8

Cheap hotel, out on the turnpike
between come and gone;
far too late for sleeping,
far too early to be getting on.

Who can tell? Sometimes the line
between what’s right and wrong
fades into nothing,
like an old fashioned country song.

You and me? It’s hard to figure out
the bottom line;
too much time together,
not enough of it was very fine.

Some say love heals every wound,
and some say love is blind;
When it’s gone,
it doesn’t leave too much behind.

What we had is over,
and it really doesn’t matter whose to blame.
Really makes no difference,
win or lose, you end with nothing just the same.

Cheap hotel, out on the turnpike
just a mile or so;
far enough to say I’m leaving,
close enough to nowhere else to go.

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