Daily Archives: July 8, 2006

So You Want to Change the World …

but the World doesn’t want to change.

And so, you insist upon changing it, by doing whatever you think the world needs (but it doesn’t, because if it thought it needed it, it WOULD change – because everyone and everything is where it is because that’s the only place it actually CAN be. Everything is evolved to the level of its own realization, and gets to the next level when it is ready to do so, not because YOU think it’s timetable is too slow).

So now you’ve done it. Changed the world, that is. Haven’t you interfered with the World’s Free Will (by doing something against its will, which was to change out of accordance with its enlightenment timetable)?

Does Free Will matter? That’s a Catch-22. Because if you say it does, then you have no business changing the World (against its will). And if you say it doesn’t matter, then why is what you think (or your freedom to decide what to think or what you think is best to do) important anyway?

Call this Philosophical Dilemma 47A(ii).

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