We met by chance, our wires were crossed

for Starlight Dances

We met by chance, our wires were crossed
in some freak Internet exchange;
but in the years that came before
we’d laid the groundwork separately
for karma, destiny or fate
to bind the ends of ropes thought lost.

With words we reached across the space
from separate isolated worlds.
Our stray electron tangents met,
propelled by some silent desire;
loose strands connected line by line
that led us to meet face-to-face.

We spoke, at first so hesitant
to trust, to think of possibles;
both hearts so tender from past wounds
that time seemed slow and out of pace,
but from the first, our voices’ blend
made the outcome self-evident.

And then, first sight; how odd it seems
that like a storybook romance
the instant of your presence left
no doubt that this was meant to be.
An act of will, and conscious choice
to weave a life from wish and dreams.

Six years. Has it been that long past?
So much has come and gone,
and yet the spark between us glows
as brightly as it ever did.
Each day feeds new fuel to that fire;
it’s no surprise that it would last.

We met by odd chance, some would say,
but neither you or I believe
coincidence, or luck, is real;
and sometimes, you get what you need
if you ask for it, or just act
according to your passion’s play.

29 May 2005

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