Stupid War

The first draft of this song dates from 1975, when I was ten years old. I subsequently revised it in about 1985.

I read in the papers ’bout the war today:
we’re going to die from an overdose of moral decay.
Whether you’re down and out and hopeless, or you’re fueled by sin and greed,
seems you can’t join the human race until you’ve proven you can bleed.

It’s an overthrow by apathy, and by hypocrisy;
you don’t have to learn to live, just watch it on TV.
Once you’ve proven you know nothing, you can think you know it all;
you can keep up with the Joneses when their bridges start to fall.

We were all born into battle; there’s no need to enlist anymore,
doesn’t matter who we’re fighting, it’s just another stupid war.

I saw it on the news: we’re all going to Hell,
but I’ve seen the new fall previews, so I guess it’s just as well.
If you need a buck to give a damn, throw your money in the trash;
remember, God will pick your pocket if he really needs the cash.

It’s an overdose of oversight, we’re overrun by vanity
you don’t have to learn to take responsibility
Once you’ve focused on your enemy, your mission is half done
you can laugh at all the losers who have got much smaller guns

It’s supposed to make some difference that our side has something worth fighting for
but it really doesn’t matter, because it’s another stupid war.

I saw it on a billboard: they’ve put Heaven up for lease;
twelve forgivens for a dollar if you buy eight more, at least.
If you’ve given up on trying, or are still going for the win,
know pretending to be stupid is the only cardinal sin.

And I don’t remember just what we’re supposed to be fighting for
but it doesn’t really matter, it’s just another stupid war.

1975, 1985

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