The Flute

To think your way the only way,
or see your God alone,
is to have the world as a flute
and play a monotone.

Now, it is music, to be sure,
that constant single drone;
but there is more to music
and each song is not a clone.

Some may choose among other notes
to make their melodies;
if each applies their breath
by their own methodology,

that does not prove your note is flat
nor that their song is best.
Instead, it builds the repertoire,
and can merely suggest

that each must seek their own true song,
and with their own two hands
find ways to cover the great holes
that help them understand

the music of the universe:
a million different notes
sung out with the same longing
from a hundred million throats.

Some choose a drone, and some a dirge,
while others like a reel;
the flute will play in any style.
Each new song helps reveal

the myriad of melodies
that range within our hearts.
Your own song is not ending
when you hear a new one start.

07 MAR 2005

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