The Uses of this World

Is it any wonder that the world has turned to shit
in the minds of those who find in it no sacred benefit,
who think the earth is only temporary living space,
a proving ground for humans on their way to some pure place?

I wonder, in this maya that we say is all around,
that leads but to delusion, what else here we might have found
if thinking that our purpose was to borrow, and not waste,
if there would be religions that insist the gods are chaste.

And if we thought our energy was best used to renew,
perhaps we’d give a second thought to what we say and do,
if living for eternity meant staying here and now,
and recognizing bullshit serves at both ends of the cow

Nirvana, heaven, paradise – we long for other homes,
insisting that our purpose is to overcome our bones.
We claim superiority, and yet, we fail to see
that no more than the grass, or ants, we are just energy.

This world, they say, is suffering, and should not be embraced.
But why embrace another? Is that not a bit two-faced?
I say, love what you have at hand, and it will be your gold;
and reinvest your spirit when your temporal portal folds.

18 JUN 2003

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