Daily Archives: March 19, 2003


Neither my acts or words will stop this war;
when you believe diplomacy has failed
and only destructive force is a sure
way, the coffin has already been nailed.

Besides, if you define terrorism
as the use of force, fear and coercion
to get your voice past the endless schism
where no one will listen to your version

then who is the terrorist, anyway?
America is showing it will not
talk or listen, so what choice has the world?

Without an ear, there is nothing to say.
I still will think it is an evil plot
and keep my hand stretched out, fingers uncurled.

19 MAR 2003

THE SINGLE clenched fist lifted and ready,
Or the open asking hand held out and waiting.
For we meet by one or the other.
— Carl Sandburg, Choose, 1916