After a Line in Eliot

In the halls the people come and go,
wishing I were Michelangelo;
but things are not always as perfect
as his David would lead you to believe.

Some days, after too much cheap wine
and dreadful harp Music
even the most beautiful man
can be a real asshole;

and art is artificial, it is not real life…
it is a representation of reality
based solely upon the interpretation
of the artist;
it probably has nothing to do with you

(does that offend you?)

Just like yours, sometimes,
the artist’s world can be a me-o-centric place;
even the most universal of messengers
can take a private call now and then,
turn their back on the masses
and say
“Heal yourselves.”

28 FEB 2003

28 FEB 2003

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