Enough Crying Are Everywhere People: an acrostic

Population perpetrates
paranormal piecemeal
poppycock pollution pornography.
Posterior politics
police pollen poltergeists,
producing portable priest polygraphs
pushing Plato purity.

Extremist existential elephantiasis egos
elevate egrarian elation,
eclipsing elliptical ergonomic energy.
Exception ends ecclesiastical evolution,
exacerbating eternal eventide.

Alarmist action attitude arms adam atom
around antiquated asinine archaic anomaly and anarchy.
All above attempts are aggravated.

Cessation corporation cremates corporeal capital.
Crazies, cops, collegians, Cistercians, cliques corrupt congress.
Central common clarity, clouded, cannot continue.

Egalitary earth extends euphoric embraces,
ends exceptions.
Each edge evens,
establishes essential essence,
escapes escalating ethnocentric etiquette,
exists expansively.
Evil, ejected, exploded, expatriate,
ends everywhere.


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